It goes without saying, that the human body is an amazing system that is similar to the universe itself. We may think we know so much about it, yet with each new finding we learn there is much to be explored. 

- Sue Hitzmann, founder of the innovative, self-care MELT Method

About Joy


I have to laugh at my younger self – a 20-year old dancer who though I “knew” my body inside and out…I just thought I knew it all! (I see this attitude now in my teenage sons) As a child, I had always loved to move and dance, and so I trained to become a dancer. I received a BFA from SUNY Purchase and pursued a dance career in New York City for several years afterwards. In order to support my dance “habit”, I became a personal fitness trainer and in the process, learned about how the body works in a more anatomical and physiological way.

After working with my exercise clients for many years, I began to wonder why some of my clients were in pain, and how could I help them to get out of it? I wanted to deepen my knowledge in some way, but felt that the physical therapy route was just not for me. It was during my years as a personal fitness trainer that I discovered the Alexander Technique. From the very first moment an Alexander teacher placed her hands on me, I could not believe how differently I felt. I was amazed that she could create such a profound change in my body simply though the power of touch. I resolved then and there to learn all that I could about the Alexander Technique and the powerful relationship between the mind and body.

I received my training from the American Center for Alexander Technique in New York City and am certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique. For the past 22 years, I have been teaching the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups.  Along the way, I have also gained a wide range of experience in Pilates, Iyengar Yoga, Zen meditation, Tai Chi, and many forms of alternative healing - all rich and powerful tools for integrating the mind, body, and spirit. I raised two sons, and still continue to dance and teach exercise classes. I have created a niche teaching tai chi and fitness classes to older adults, which I find very gratifying, as I know how important it is for our health and longevity to keep active as we age.

A few years ago, I found myself searching, yet again, for something new that would help my students to achieve their goals more quickly and easily. I was looking for something that was science-based and had definite, measurable results. It was another “ah-ha” moment when an Alexander teacher showed me The MELT Method. Again, I could not believe how quickly and easily I could feel the changes in my body! And again, I knew immediately that I had to learn this method!

It has been an amazing experience to be trained by MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann. Her energy is infectious and her knowledge is unique. She has opened up a whole new universe of self-care, and uncovered a missing link in health and wellness that diet and exercise, and even conscious awareness, cannot address.

For me, learning about MELT has given me a whole new approach to looking at the body. I have gone on to the next and highest level of MELT training, called MELT Neuro-Strength. This involves very specific exercises that “turn on” neuro-muscular pathways to create more stabilization in the hips, shoulders, and core. When the muscles of stabilization are actively doing their jobs, the muscles that move us no longer have to compensate, and so the body can be more efficient and stronger.

Combining my knowledge of MELT with my fitness background and the Alexander Technique has given me a unique spin on working with athletes, the aging population, and with those who have pain. It has given me so much more insight into the “why” of things, and I now have many effective tools to help people make positive changes. 

I now know there is always more to learn about the mind and body, but that’s what makes this work, and this journey, so rich and rewarding.



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