The Alexander Technique and the MELT Method can help you to:

  • Relieve chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain without medication or surgery
  • Decrease hip, knee, and foot pain, and improve alignment, stability, and balance
  • Enhance athletic and performance skill, and get that competitive edge!
  • Improve posture and appearance to look and feel great!

Using small balls and soft foam rollers, The MELT Method can help prevent pain and improve flexibility, mobility, posture, sleep, digestion, and overall athletic performance. It rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system and restores space to compressed joints.

The Alexander Technique is a unique, hands-on learning process for changing poor postural and movement habits that can cause tension and pain.  Through gentle touch and simple verbal instruction, the Alexander teacher guides you to perform everyday activities with more lightness, freedom and comfort.