Joy creates a calm atmosphere in her lessons. If I arrive flustered and stressed, I always leave a lesson relaxed and rejuvenated.


I had been suffering with neck pain for years and spent hours on the table at the chiropractor.  Although this provided some relief during flare ups it didn't correct the problem.  Joy has taught me how to move and be aware of my posture and movements so that I can correct the problems and avoid the pain.

She taught me how to be aware of my posture, particularly at work, and made it easy to learn the Technique by using a lot of imagery.

Now I can turn my head without any pain when backing up my car. In addition, flare ups occur with much less frequency, and when they do, they heal more quickly. I’m happy to report that I’m back to enjoying my sports activities without pain and stiffness."

Dawn Newsome
Banker and Tri-athlete


"Since working with Joy I no longer have pain in my shoulders, upper back, and neck, I feel freer while standing and conducting, and experience an improvement in my breathing for singing. What is most exciting for me is I now feel I have the tools to solve my postural issues on my own.

It didn't happen overnight, but eventually I could recognize a postural habit, of which I was previously unaware, and stop it before I spent 2 hours hunched over the steering wheel in pain.

Joy creates a calm atmosphere in her lessons. If I arrive flustered and stressed, I always leave a lesson relaxed and rejuvenated. She uses the perfect mix of visual imagery alongside explanations of anatomy to help me integrate what she teaches. But I feel I also learn volumes just by watching her move about the room. Her own use of her body is a positive reinforcement reminding me there is another way I can learn to move. I am always impressed by how well Joy reads my body and brings to my attention the most subtle things. In every lesson, she is thinking of ways in which I can apply the Technique to my everyday life, whether it is driving a car, adjusting to my changing body when I was pregnant, or conducting a chorus.

What I’ve learned from Joy continues to help me in so many ways. I now do not have pain after a long car ride or after sitting at the computer or piano for long periods of time. In addition, her lessons have helped me to be a better conductor and teacher. I now apply aspects of the Technique to my own choral rehearsals. I do so many things differently now from how I reach to pick something up, to washing the dishes, to sitting on the couch. I don't feel that I am a slave to my postural habits as I was before."

Alice Cavanaugh
Teacher and Chorus Conductor


"The Alexander Technique approach makes so much sense, is gentle and not risky in any way, even to people whose physical abilities are impaired.

Joy’s lessons gives you an understanding of how to use your body in a remarkably helpful way whether you are young, healthy and athletic or already suffering pain or loss of function. What she teaches can be incorporated into every aspect of daily life.

Joy, with her light touch and up-beat spirit, is individually attuned to each of her students and their special needs."

Eva Sperling, M.D.


"Before working with Joy I suffered from serious back pain from scoliosis. I had been to multiple specialists and while it seemed to help, the relief was only short-term (a day or two).

In the beginning it was a little difficult for me. But Joy’s patience and easy to understand style of teaching helped me to integrate the Techniques. Despite the serious nature of our work, Joy’s gentle approach and playfulness made it fun.

Now I have a significant decrease in back pain, much better posture and much more energy.

And when I start to feel something hurting, I can now stop the pain from getting worse and, usually, get rid of the pain without medical intervention or medication.

I'm looking forward to taking a refresher course with Joy soon!"

Art Therapist and Nature Educator


"Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit differently, and my chronic low back pain gradually became cured. Compared to surgery (e.g. for low back pain or for chronic obstructive lung disease), a course of instruction is inexpensive."

John H. M. Austin, MD
Professor of Radiology; Chief, Division of Radiology, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY


"The Alexander Technique makes sense in that appropriate use of the body will lead to reduction of various musculoskeletal disorders and remediate others which are established. No equipment is needed, just the skill and training of the teacher. This technique is very worthwhile as a primary preventative therapy."

Robert D. Greene, MD
Emergency Department, Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT


"I recommend the Alexander Technique to people who have not improved with traditional rehabilitative therapies. Part of their pain may be due to posture and the improper use of their bodies. Many people who have neck or back pain and have gone through heat, ultrasound and massage with no relief can be helped by learning the Alexander Technique. It definitely works. Nothing works for everyone, as one well-versed in using physical therapy and biofeedback, I know how valuable this technique is. I highly recommend it."

Barry M. Schienfeld, MD
Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management, Community General Hospital, Harris, NY


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